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    Pozitívumok: Negatívumok: Arrived to experience the thermal spa and have a massage as we were looking to relax and unwind after a busy few days. First the cafe drink bar only took cash and the nearest atm was in the next town, we were not informed of this until we wanted to pay.

    We then walked to the spa area where we were given a sheet and asked to change into our swimmers.

    My partner and I were then asked to shower before walking through a door into a small hot spa area where there was another man - it was a tiny enclosed space and extremely hot where I felt extremely claustrophobic. We left this space and were told to take out swimmers off and wrap ourselves in a sheet my partners had holes in it and then walked into some strange room with a rock wall and fish tank and strange deck chairs.

    We were asked to sit down on one and then wrapped up with this old blanket that smelt of sweat and asked to relax!

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    It was disgusting I felt ill. We were then told to get a massage in the next room after we dressed so we did and walked over to this room where there was a line of massage chairs the kind you get in a shopping center looking out a window felt like an old people home. We just laughed and left.

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    Stay away!